Putting Gays Away

This is why I started blogging; so I can rant about a story of which nobody seems to understand the true significance and just isn’t being discussed to the level it should. Every once in a while one of those stories comes along that shows the true nature of thine enemy. This is one of those stories.

Today the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that courts cannot give longer sentences to those convicted of having illegal underage sex just because they’re gay.

Where do I even begin with this? Do I point out that it’s blatant discrimination? Nah, too obvious. Do I point out that conservatives hate gays so much that they’re willing to kick them when they’re down in such an UN-Christian-like manner? Aww phooey, that’s been done before. Do I point out the hypocrisy demonstrated in the fact that the same people who whine about gays wanting “special rights” are perfectly willing to give them special punishments? We’re getting closer, but I can do better. This story is significant because it belies any MORAL rationale conservatives ever had for their positions on homosexuality.

Any reasonable person would look at this case and say, “Wow, it was an 18-year-old and a 14-year-old”, and understand that an older person might have considerable influence on a 14-year-old. After all, most states have age-of-consent laws, and they’re there for a reason. I think we can all acknowledge that a punishment of some kind is in order; perhaps a couple years plus probation – I mean it’s statutory rape, that’s what he would have gotten if he were straight, right?

Well, it happens that the good people of Kansas seem to be PARTICULARLY understanding about statutory rape when it comes to boys and girls. You see, in 1999 Kansas passed a “Romeo and Juliet” law which requires short sentences be given, or even ONLY probation be given, in cases such as this except involving a boy and a girl. One would think that if this crime is considered immoral, it would be immoral for everyone, but apparently they don’t see it that way. They went out of their way to create a law because they, apparently, feel that statutory rape isn’t quite as immoral as people make it out to be. After all, it IS Kansas; the population is so low and those farms are SO far apart… and when you get a hankerin’ you get a hankerin’! But, sorry kids, it’s only for straight people.

Compare the 17 years the kid received because he happened to be gay with the probation to 2 years he would have received if the younger boy had been a girl. Disgusted yet? But wait, there’s more. The guy has already BEEN in jail for OVER 5 YEARS! He’s getting out now because of this ruling, but still, who’s going to give him those extra 4 years of his life back? This is a perfect example of why conservatism needs to be wiped from the planet.

The lesson here: if you’re a gay male couple in Kansas and you want to go hang out on lookout-point (Is there even one IN Kansas?) and make out, you’d better bring a lesbian couple with you, and if the cops come, QUICK, switch partners!

But seriously…

Besides the fact that they were willing to conveniently overlook any moral problem of boys and little girls having sex while trying to pass moral judgement on gays, this is also significant because it shows what happens when the conservatives have such a majority that they can pretty much do what they want. It shows what they would do if they could – if they didn’t have to hedge their bets. In other words, MY FOOT they don’t hate gays! On a national level they have to follow the “sanctity of marriage” line and the “no special rights” line because that’s the best they could do to water down their true intentions for a public that is becoming increasingly more enlightened. This shows that their true desires are much more sinister.

It also shows why they hate the courts so much and why they’re desperately trying to pack the courts with extremists who will put conservative ideology before fairness and law. Because, even in the most conservative areas of the country, the courts have to decide cases in a fair way, based on facts and be able to justify their decisions in a way that will stand up to scrutiny, rather than using spin, lies and propaganda in the way that an off-balance legislature can.

If you’re someone who has a gay friend or family member, or maybe you’re just someone like me who realizes that everyone is a minority in some way and sympathizes, be aware the truth is that conservatives aren’t just interested in keeping them from marrying each other. They’re not just interested in preventing them from having equal rights. If conservatives had their way, they wouldn’t just discriminate against them. They would get rid of them.



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