“Politically Correct” Correction

Last night my favorite, local, ten o’clock news broadcast, which is usually pretty responsible, surprised me by doing a sensationalistic piece on the Xmas “political correctness” we’ve all heard too much about already. I detest the term “politically correct” and I’m sick to death of hearing it! “Politically correct” isn’t as much an adjective as it is a point of view. Actually, it describes a point of view which, of the person saying it, is severely lacking. In other words, there is hardly a better way for someone to declare themselves an imbecile than to utter the words “politically correct” as an observation without actually MAKING an observation other than just calling something “politically correct.” It’s more of a sure-fire way of letting everyone know that they’re too damn lazy and/or ignorant to think, or try to see things from someone else’s point of view, and try to understand. When people denounce things as nothing more than “politically correct”, it is actually a fairly small leap to expend that extra brain cell and analyze the situation just every-so-slightly further, yet so many people fail to take even one more step, let alone the leap.

I hate the way people toss that term around as if they are, somehow, immune to the behavior themselves. Don’t these dipshits realize that all those flags and ribbons on the backs of their SUVs are politically correct? It’s politically correct to say they “support the troops” whether or not they can even find their sand-encrusted asses on a fucking map. When they’re too ashamed to call grandma an alcoholic in front of the kids, they’re, in effect, being politically correct. (Oh, yeah. Grandma likes her medicine, kids; don’t make fun of grandma. Oops, help grandma back up.) “Politically correct” is just what Dipshit calls it when somebody ELSE is trying to be nice, considerate and Dipshit doesn’t like it. “Politically correct” is what Dipshit calls it when somebody ELSE is trying to get them to be considerate and Dipshit doesn’t wanna be considerate. Dipshit talks a politically correct game, but Dipshit doesn’t own a mirror.

The Right, especially, just LOVES to throw that term around as if it’s something only the Left is guilty of. (Don’t believe me? Do a blog search and see for yourself.) But walk into any evangelical church and talk about how you wish your gay friends would just go to Massachusetts and get married already. Walk into any gun show and talk about how much you wish they’d relocate those endangered prairie dogs that are being bulldozed for the new subdivision. Go ahead. I dare ya. You’ll quickly find out that, yes, the right has it’s own version of “political correctness”, hell, it’s politically correct to SAY “politically correct” if you’re in a crowd of rightwingers. I dare to say, you’re more likely to feel the wrath of the right if you don’t comply. Hell, Bill Maher got fired for saying something that was politically incorrect on a show CALLED “Politically Incorrect”.

Still not following? OK, let’s say during the 2008 Presidential Campaign, the Democrat candidate says the following:

“Thank you Massachusetts, for your support! Tomorrow, we’re going down south to try to persuade all those rednecks and bible thumpers to stop fucking their sisters long enough to listen to me talk about health care.”

The above statement is considered:

A. Politically incorrect
B. Pandering to rednecks
C. Pandering to politically correct people
D. Good campaign strategy

The correct answer is: A. (If you answered anything else, you’re part of the problem.)

Isn’t it funny that it seems to most-often be a white, christian, male that’s doing the complaining. Oh, yes. We simply MUST preserve the right of the privileged majority to not have to think or be considerate. And, no, just because you know a wheelchair-bound native american with a learning disorder who LIKES to be called a crippled indian retard, does NOT make it OK. Even a red herring doesn’t like to be told it smells fishy.

When someone feels compelled to call something “politically correct” just so they can forget about it, I wish they would just sit down, put their elbow on their knee, cradle their chin in their palm and think about it really fucking hard first and, at least, figure out what it is, exactly, that they’re bitching about, because even though they’re probably morons, that’s no excuse not to try. And, if people want to continue to complaining about “political correctness”, I guess there’s nothing I can do about it, but it would be so much easier to take if they weren’t so fucking guilty of it themselves.



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