The Robusto Room

[An entry from my old Cigars in Denver blog]

The Robusto Room

9535 Park Meadows Drive
Lone Tree, CO 80124

It’s attached to the back of The Rio Grande Restaurant next to the Park Meadows Mall. There’s a UA theatre right in front of it, so you can go get your three-margarita limit (yeah right) at The Rio and then walk 50 feet into The Robusto Room.

I used to hang out here a lot before I knew better; or maybe before it went downhill. It’s trendy. It’s a glass enclosed place with really loud (boom, boom, boom) music so you can’t hear yourself think.

It used to be that you could only smoke in the cigar store and this tiny lounge next to it that seats about 20. But since the Colorado smoking ban they expanded the smoking so you can smoke throught the place – the other side is a “wine bar” with music videos on the many flat-screen TVs. Now, you can even sit at the bar and smoke.

There is good service at the bar and the waitresses do a good job getting around to all the tables. They don’t water down the drinks which are reasonably priced – even good-priced for drinks.

The cigar section is a store with humidified cabinets all around. They have a dreadful selection of off-brand cigars that are horribly overpriced. About half their cigar selection are things cigar people would recognize. The cigar sales people are awful liars who will tell you they are giving you a deal – especially if they remember you from another visit; they’ll tell you they’re giving you a “friend” or “frequent-customer” “deal” and then charge you the same as the next guy. I know. I’ve caught them doing it.

Last weekend they offered me a great deal on some $20-$25 Zino Platinums. Seriously. Their prices are insane. I know. I used to pay them before I discovered internet cigar shops or even other Denver shops that charge less. You can figure about a 75% markup on cigars from what you would pay at a regular cigar store. DOUBLE what you
would pay on the internet. Get ready to pay $5.50 for a Baccarat Robusto.

The sales people don’t just lie about prices. I waked in there looking to try a Blonde Acid cigar. The guy gave me a Waffe and told me it was the same blend. Basically, if they don’t have what you want they’ll tell you it sucks and then sell you something that’s “better” and isn’t even close.

But it’s an interesting place to smoke and hang out…

I was once in there when some “Swingers Club” was in there partying. It was a bunch of women 20-40 years old dirty dancing with each other. Seriously. They were grinding on each other and dry humping the walls. It was amazing. The kind of thing you’d expect to see in a New York bar. This is the kind of trendy place where you can hang out, meet interesting people (believe me, I’ve met plenty of interesting people there) and smoke
before you see a movie across the way.

The atmosphere is trendy, loud and smoky. I’ve hung out in there until closing time many times and have always been horse the next day from pushing all that smoke across my vocal cords since they have poor ventilation.

The CAO models were there one night. That was an interesting and crowded night.

This is the perfect place for people who don’t know anything about cigars to hang out or for cigar-lovers to hang out to entertain themselves for a day.

Trendy and fun. Pay too much for one cigar and hang out and watch interesting people do interesting things. Don’t trust the sales people in the cigar store.

Denver Cigar Enjoyment Rating (1 to 10)
I’d give it a 3.


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