Angry Birds should do co-op marketing with KFC

You know how kids movies do co-op marketing with fast food restaurants? Before Megamind came out in theatres and you could go to McDonalds and get Megamind toys with your Megamind Happy Meal®. When I was a kid people were collecting the original Star Wars glasses (that were made of real glass!) from Burger King. The one I really wanted was the R2D2 glass (Hmmm, I wonder if I can find one on Ebay; I bet they cost a fortune now.)

Anyway, I think Angry Birds should do a co-op with KFC. I mean, if those birds are so angry at the pigs for stealing their eggs, imagine how pissed off they are at the Colonel! Buy a bucket of chicken – get a free Angry Birds download. I can’t wait to see the TV commercials. They’d probably be something like the SNL Cluckin’ Chicken spots.

Of course, these days, a lot of them are KFC/Taco Bells, so not only will you be able to get the Angry Birds special, but if you say “Pajaros Enojados” they’ll whip up a tasty fast food version of huevos rancheros and serve it to you in a paper box!



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